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What is a Financial Services Guide?

The main purpose of the Financial Services Guide (FSG) is to give you an overview of the financial services that are being offered. It contains important information about: the services that you are offered; how Voyager Wealth Management and your adviser, as well as the Licensee (The Financial Link Group Pty Ltd) are paid; any potential conflict of interest that we may have, and the internal and external dispute resolution procedures including how you can access them.

The Financial Services Guide (FSG) is made up of two parts. Part One contains information about how we are remunerated and other areas as mentioned above, and the Adviser Profile that is included when you deal with one of our advisers forms the second part. The Adviser Profile provides details about your adviser. If the Part 2 profile is not attached to the FSG that you receive when dealing with an adviser, please ask the adviser for this profile or contact the
Voyager Wealth Head Office for a copy.



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